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Keeping Kids Safe Presentation

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 What parents need to know and do to keep their kids safe.

Based on the book “Protecting the Gift” by Gavin de Becker, this workshop provides information about intuition, protection, supervision, and what parents need to know to keep their children safer, particularly from predators.  This 1 hour presentation will cover:

  •     Trusting your intuition
  •     Myths and Facts about your child’s safety risks (what you do and do not need to worry about!)
  •     Sexual abuse–the facts, the risks, the signs, and protection
  •     What you can DO, give, & teach to your child to help them be safer

Nuts & Bolts info:

  • 55 minute Presentation, plus 5+minutes Q & A.
  • includes handout with top concepts
  • cost is $200 per hour, with a $50 discount offered to non-profit organizations

Please call or email Katie to schedule or with any questions.