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Book Review: Mama and Daddy Bear’s Divorce

When parents of young children divorce, explaining the concept of divorce is often a great challenge.  Books can help with this, in part because they give parents a script to follow, concepts to go along with the words, and pictures that give kids a concrete visual image to go along with the words.

Mama and Daddy Bear’s Divorce, by Cornelia Maude Spelman is a great book about divorce for young children.  The story is about “Dinah” (a bear,) who loves her family but tells us that: “…one day, something sad happened.  Mama and Daddy said they were going to get a divorce.”   Dinah talks about her feelings (sad and scared) and some of her inner questions.  She talks to her parents about her feelings, and both parents reassure her that they will always be her mama/daddy.  As the book progresses, she describes how she spends time with both parents separately.  Her parents make some mistakes, but the theme of parental love and involvement persists.  The book concludes by saying that after time she feels less sad, and that her parents and sister will always be her family.  It’s a peaceful and positive ending.

I highly recommend this book, available at your public library, or from amazon here.

2 Comments on “Book Review: Mama and Daddy Bear’s Divorce

  1. Hey–have you read, “Fred Stays With Me,” by…Nancy Coffelt and Tricia Tusa (had to go look it up.)? It’s maybe my favorite divorce book, if such a thing is possible. Librarians are pretty universally for it, and I wonder if psychologists would see the same strengths.
    Another dealing-with-stuff book that’s recently been brought to my attention is “Saying Goodbye to Lulu.” Death this time, rather than divorce. Terribly sad, terribly honest. But I’m not actually capable of finishing it, as I get all verklempt and the pages go blurry. Makes me wonder how useful the book could actually be for a child or family that needs it. But I’m sort of a crier.
    I really like reading your book reviews–I’m so used to the Librarians’ perspectives, and it’s neat to read/hear what other professionals who connect books and children think of things.

  2. I haven’t read them yet, but I just put them on my ‘hold’ list at my local public library. Thank you very much for the recommendations!!! (not to mention the kind words) :^)