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Kids + Sugar = ?

Ask 10 moms what you get when you mix their kids with a big dose of sugar, and I bet you’ll get 10 responses on the same theme: hyperactivity. It’s a parenting theory on par with gravity!
So imagine my surprise when I read this article in the British Medical Journal, which says that sugar does NOT cause hyperactivity in children. To say it another way: sugar didn’t cause behavioral changes in kids. Rather, the studies they cite instead found that it is the parents whose behavior changed. They found that when they told a parent that their child was eating sugar, the parent would then begin to rate their child as more hyperactive (regardless of the actual sugar content of the food.) Oops.
Anyway, Happy Holidays, I’m off to go bake cookies. ;^)
(Hat tip to the Working Parents Blog for this info.)

What kids really want for the holidays

I originally posted this last year, but it’s such good info, I wanted to post it again this year…


In their book Unplug the Christmas Machine, authors Jo Robinson and Jean Staeheli say that kids want the following 4 things for Christmas:

  1. A relaxed and loving time with their family.
  2. Realistic expectations about gifts
  3. An evenly paced holiday season
  4. Reliable family traditions

Notice it doesn’t say a ‘Wii’, or a trampoline, or Thomas the Tank Engine, or or or…  Sure, they do want the specific toys they are asking for, but deep down they also want and need the 4 items above even more.