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Dollars spent on prevention vs ‘cleaning up the mess’

Click over to “Shrink rap” (a good psychiatry blog) for the longer version of this informative post.  An except:

According to a report CASA issued this morning, federal, state and local governments spend almost half a trillion dollars every year — almost 11 percent of their total budgets — as a result of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse
and addiction. The worst part is that, for federal and state spending,
about 95% of that money is spent “Shoveling Up” the mess created by a
failure to provide enough money for prevention and treatment.

right. Out of every dollar federal and state governments spent on
substance misuse in 2005 (the latest data available), 95 cents paid for
the enormous burden of this problem on health care, criminal justice, child welfare,
education, and other programs. And only 2 cents were invested in
prevention and treatment programs that could reduce many of these costs
— and save lives.


On his travel blog, Rick Steves once explained the ‘secret’ of the Oracles at Delphi, saying this:

Two thousand five hundred years ago, movers and shakers from throughout
the ancient world went to Delphi to get advice from the Delphi priests.
The priests weren’t in cahoots with the gods. They just interviewed
everyone who came to them, thinking that they were. Because of that,
the priests knew what the competition was up to (politically,
militarily and so on) and could give divine-quality advice.

I was reminded of this explanation the other day, when I realized that I often repeat conversations from client to client.  Mr & Mrs Smith might be in my office today for help with, say, bedtime troubles.  The suggestions I offer to them come from different sources: some I probably got from a book, some from a friend, maybe one I ‘invented’, and without a doubt a few came from previous clients.  Then the next week the Smiths come back and tell me which ideas worked/didn’t work for them, and invariably they’ll tell me a new solution that they themselves invented, or heard from a friend, or read in a magazine… and I promptly add it to my trusty bag of tricks. 

Anyway, I’m no oracle, and I don’t think my advice is divine quality (!!!) but I can surely identify with the strategy.  I am constantly listening and learning and sharing what I learn.

Free stuff for Austin Moms

Maybe this happens every year, or perhaps it’s particular to this year’s economy, but I keep hearing about cool free things for moms this week.  I’m posting the short list I have now, and will update it this week as I hear about new stuff.  (because who doesn’t love free!)  I do not have an affiliation with any of these organizations/businesses, but I am friends with the owners of a number of the Mama-owned businesses.  :^)

(okay, I’m affiliated with this one:  Me.  Leave a comment on this entry to be entered to win one of 2 $10 off coupons to be used on any workshop in the next 6 months.)  Tell a joke, wish joy to a mother, or just say hi!

Renee Trudeau’s book “The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal” is available for a free download this weekend here.  Renee is the founder of Career Strategists, and I know & like Renee from her work as the leader of a local group for self-employed moms.  This book is popular & came highly recommended to me.  (I’m going to download it, too.)

Free yoga for kids and moms at Soma Vida.  Sonya Davis, one of the founders of this mama-friendly coworking & more space, is a highly regarded local business coach.  I’ve been to the center, and it is very peaceful and beautiful.  More info here.

Free Food:
Mamas eat free at Carino’s.

Mamas eat free at Mama Fu’s.  I can’t find a link for this one, I got it via email.  But the details say you have to spend $15, and it’s good for May 4-10.

Free initial consultation with Libra Fitness, with the purchase of one of packages 1-4.  Libra Fitness is owned by the wonderful Chris Heidel, a good friend and mama.)  More info here.  (FYI, the prices on her website will be $30 cheaper with this discount.) Chris has a great quote for moms (for Mother’s Day and everyday!)  She says:  “There is nothing better a mother can do for her family that to do something to take care of herself.”

Chance to win a free 8.5 x 11 signed print from artist Curlin Sullivan.  Curlin is a local mama and artist who makes the cutest cards, vases, and more.  She’s giving away a signed print called “Happy Mother’s Day 2009”.  You’ve GOT to go look at the print (on her blog,) it’s very very cute.  Leave a comment to be entered to win.
Free download of the book “Backyard Pearls: Cultivating Wisdom and Joy in Everyday Life.”  This book is written by Carolyn Scarborough, a life coach for women ready to express themselves via articles, blogs or writing the book inside them.  Visit her website here.

Free parenting session with Paula Stiernberg.  Paula is the educational director at the First United Methodist Church downtown, and a very sweet lady.  She’s brought me in to speak to groups at her church several times now.  She does a workshop I hear great things about, too, about choosing the right school for your child.  She’s offering a free parenting session ($95 value!) in honor of Mother’s Day.  (wow!)  You can call her at 698-5283 to schedule.  

Free kids’ yoga.  Steal some time just for you and drop the kids off for this free class
taught by Jodi Komitor, founder of Next Generation Yoga!  Call Kula
Yoga at (512) 542-3334 to reserve your spot: very limited space
available.  Class times:  Friday @ 4 for Kids’ Yoga ages 5-7.  Saturday @ 4, Kids’ Yoga ages 3-4.  Sunday @ 10am: Free family yoga for families with 2-3 year olds.  Please remember that you must call ahead to reserve your spot. 

Know any more?  Pass the info along and I’ll post it for all to share.  Yea free stuff!

I used the random number generator to choose #3 and #5.  Monica, and Lindsey, send me an email and I’ll reply with coupon info.  Congrats, and Happy Mother’s Day to all!