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The Arc of the Tantrum Parenting Class

She’s not tantruming yet, but you know what’s coming!

How can I get my kid to cooperate?
How can I get them to stop arguing!?
How can I get them to CALM DOWN!?

Do you feel like you don’t know what to do? Or that what you’re doing isn’t working?

There’s a TON of science about how brains work that can help you feel confident and effective in dealing with difficult behavior. 

This class is based on the individual, private work I do with parents in my parent coaching practice. It includes a deep dive into the Arc of the Tantrum, and a whole lot more. There are 6 sessions, each one walking parents through a critical step in understanding–and then shaping–their child’s behavior. 

Class #1:

  • Understanding how an upset brain works
  • The Arc of the Tantrum
  • Recognizing Your Child’s Signals

Class #2:

  • What parents CAN Control. 
  • Recognizing and getting off the roller coaster of co-escalation

Class #3:

  • How to have growth oriented tantrums
  • Growth vs Finish Line parenting moments

Class #4:

  • How to prevent problems by predicting vulnerabilities
  • How to effectively de-escalate (aka how to get them to CALM DOWN!)

Class #5:

  • Flight Distance
  • Circling Back
  • A Case Study

Class #6:

  • Your difficult situations, understood
  • Managing siblings

WHO: The class is for parents of kids ages around 3-9.

WHEN: Once a week on Tuesdays, starting May 4th.  12:15-1:15. 

COST: Earlybird discount price: $25 per class (payable in advance). Earlybird discount ends 4/2/21.  Double discount: Register with a friend and you both save $5 per class.  


PARENTS SPEAK:   Parents who have taken this course say:

“We wanted to tell you how much we are LOVING this class and that we’re getting so much from the content and format.    We’ve left each session with just enough content to chew on and not be too overwhelmed and you’ve got a great style where we feel like you “get us” but we don’t feel like totally horrible parents for our mistakes.  We feel more connected to each other as parents too which is lovely for us.  So – big, big thanks to you.”
“This class was very informative! Lots of good information on what to do/what not to do and when.”
“This class was informative, applicable to everyday parenting challenges, and encouraging. As parents we always want to do right by our kids but know that we don’t always have the tools. Katie did a wonderful job walking us through the principals and teaching us how to apply them while encouraging us along the way.”
“This class was GREAT!”