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The Arc of the Tantrum Parenting Group

Join me for a parenting group!

It’s a 6 session group based on the Arc of the Tantrum, and the work that I do with parents in my parent coaching practice.  It is not a therapy group.

Each session walks parents through a critical step in understanding–and then shaping–their child’s behavior.  About half of each session will be spent learning or reviewing concepts, and about half will give parents a chance to ask questions and fine-tune.  Every session comes with optional homework to help parents put ideas into daily life practice.

For parents of kids ages of 3-9. Here’s generally what we will cover:
  • Understanding brains and behavior
  • Understanding ‘tantrums’ (and if not tantrums, then understanding the biggest upset moments)
  • Understanding YOUR child’s signals
  • What parents can/can’t, and should/shouldn’t control
  • Growth vs. Finish Line Parenting
  • The Regulation Roller Coaster
  • Getting off the roller coaster
  • How to stay calm when your kid is freaking out
  • How to effectively help your child grow
  • Managing siblings
WHEN: Tuesdays 12:15-1:15  Starting Jan 26, finishing March 2nd.
WHERE: Virtual.  Links will be sent with registration confirmation.
COST: With my eye on the many tragedies and hardships our community has experienced this year, I’ve decided to offer the first opportunity to participate in this workshop at extremely low cost, with 100% of the fee going directly to charity.  (Participants will be asked to make a minimum donation, directly, to one of 2 charities, and forward the receipt.)
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