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The Arc of the Tantrum Parenting Group

Join me for a parenting group!

It’s a multi-session group class based on the Arc of the Tantrum, and the work that I do with parents in my parent coaching practice.  It is not a therapy group.

Each session walks parents through a critical step in understanding–and then shaping–their child’s behavior.  About half of each session will be spent learning or reviewing concepts, and about half will give parents a chance to ask questions and fine-tune.  Every session comes with optional homework to help parents put ideas into daily life practice.

For parents of kids ages of 3-9. Here’s generally what we will cover:
  • Understanding brains and behavior
  • Understanding ‘tantrums’ (and if not tantrums, then understanding the biggest upset moments)
  • Understanding YOUR child’s signals
  • What parents can/can’t, and should/shouldn’t control
  • Growth vs. Finish Line Parenting
  • The Regulation Roller Coaster
  • Getting off the roller coaster
  • How to stay calm when your kid is freaking out
  • How to effectively help your child grow
  • Managing siblings
WHEN: Once a week on Tuesdays, starting April 6th.  12:15-1:15.
COST: $30 per class (payable in advance).  Register with a friend and you both save $5 per class.
INTERESTED?:  Please fill out this form:  I will respond to everyone who indicates their interest on this form with a personal email with the rest of the details.
The one thing that isn’t decided: whether this will be a 5 week or a 6 week class.  I’d like to finish this round of classes before making the call, so stay tuned for an update on that in 3 weeks/end of February or so.