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Coaching & Therapy

Parent Coaching & Family Therapy

katie-malinski-parent-coaching-family-therapy-austin-txPrivate coaching and therapy for Austin-area parents and families is my core work. I offer parent coaching or talk therapy for kids, teens or whole families.

So, what’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching focuses more on the now and the how, and typically concerns a short-term “stumbling block” issue. So if, for example, your child is throwing temper tantrums and you can’t control them, in parent coaching, we would focus on this problem behavior, possible triggers, and talk about actions you might try to resolve it.

Situations better suited for coaching might include:

  • parenting dilemmas
  • family communication issues
  • preschool behavior problems
  • defiant or oppositional behavior
  • developmental issues
  • teenage self-esteem issues
  • mild problems at school
  • low-conflict divorce or custody difficulties

Therapy focuses more on the past and the why, and typically concerns longer-term, larger life issues. So if, for example, you and your spouse are divorcing, and your child has become sullen and withdrawn, in family therapy, we would focus on the root of this problem, the underlying emotions involved and how to work through them.

Situations better suited for therapy might include:

  • anxiety or depression
  • aggression
  • trauma
  • sexual abuse or acting out
  • grief due to death or loss
  • mental-health diagnosis
  • ongoing problems at school or with peers
  • high-conflict divorce or custody difficulties

Coaching and therapy sessions are usually 45-50 minutes. Parents typically come either weekly or every other week, and for most our work together is short-term.  Sessions can be held in my office, via HIPAA-compliant video platform, telephone, or (with prior arrangement) in a ‘walk and talk’ on the streets near my office.