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Parenting Well Through Divorce WEBINAR

A workshop for parents in any stage of the divorce process

Divorce is a difficult time for parents and kids. Good information can make the process easier and better for everyone.

This workshop will cover:

  • What kids need most from their parents during the divorce process
  • Strategies for effective co-parenting
  • Establishing consistent routines in two homes
  • How to handle old feelings in the new relationship
  • Identifying and trouble-shooting what gets in the way of your goals.

This workshop welcomes parents in any stage of the divorce process (before, during, after…) with kids of any age.

Parents speak about this workshop:

  • “Great ideas and answers”
  • “I really appreciated how you stayed neutral and allow us to share our experiences.”
  • “Very supportive and open”

Watching is easy!  Purchase this pre-recorded webinar and watch anytime!  The link is good for up to a year.  You can come and go, watch multiple times, start over…

Cost: $25

(You are welcome to share the video with your child’s other parent if you like.)

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More details, please~

Separation/divorce is a rough time for everyone involved, and parents want to know what they can do to relieve any part of that difficulty for their children.  This workshop helps with information, potential pitfalls, phrasing, and guidance.

We realize that everyone’s situation is unique.  For example, in some families the children have have witnessed arguments and may have already directly asked questions about whether parents are getting a divorce, and in other families the children will have absolutely no idea that anything is wrong, and this news will catch them by surprise.  Some parents still have open communication and others are finding it very difficult to speak to each other without triggering conflict.  This workshop’s information is given neutrally and with an understanding that everyone’s situation is different.

We know how important concrete help is too, so we’ll definitely recommend books, and give examples about how to answer questions and handle talkable moments.

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Maybe you have questions about the webinar?

It’s an hour long, pre-recorded.  You need an internet connection to log in, or download it later. It’s very, very easy to start watching, just a few clicks.

Once you complete your purchase via the paypal link, you’ll be taken immediately to the video via a private link.  Save this location–you can come back anytime to re-watch!

The video is available to watch anytime, and anywhere that you have internet.  You can watch from home, on your laptop, or from a coffeeshop with your favorite beverage and baked good.  :^)

If you get started and something interrupts you, that’s not a problem either–you can stop and start back up later, or even start over and watch the whole thing from the beginning.

You can learn with your feet up, wearing your stretchy pants!

Don’t delay!  (and for just $25, why would you wait?)

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As always, feel free to call or email Katie if you have questions or would like to make an appointment.  If you are interested in recommendations on books about divorce, please click here for kids’ books, or here for books for parents.