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Surviving and Thriving with Teenagers

Parenting teenagers is hard.
Teenagers need our support, but they often don’t want our parenting. What to do?

In this hour-long presentation that includes time for Q & A, Katie shares relevant and supportive information for parents of teenagers.

Topics covered include:

  • The parent-teen relationship
  • Letting go
  • Circling back
  • Self-care

Rave reviews!

Past attendees have had this to say:

  • Just, wow! I think I parent pretty well, but you ALWAYS teach me something.
  • educational, entertaining, and interesting!
  • Many thanks for your talk last night at our *** meeting. I sat in the back for a while and saw lots of nodding heads and notes being taken. Your topics and knowledge are areas that our membership is hungry to hear about and it was nice that you could help feed those interests. How fortunate we were to have *** connect us with you. Our members seemed very pleased and I think we all gave a second thought to our current parent-child relationships, to letting go bit by bit and to those important parent-child conversations. Good stuff!

Nuts & Bolts info:

  • 55 minute Presentation, plus 5+minutes Q & A.
  • includes 2 page handout
  • cost is $250 per hour, with a $50 discount offered to non-profit organizations

Please call or email Katie to schedule or with any questions!