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Shyness, Seeking a Professional, & Back to School

  Note:  I'm on leave for the summer.  While I'm out, I'll be reposting some of my more popular posts.  See you again in the Fall.  Short post about going Back to School.  3 little tips... When Should a Parent Seek Professional Help?  Sometimes, therapy is most helpful before problems get entrenched.  Shyness and Your Child.  A three-part series, actually!  [...]

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Taking Children at their Word–part one

Clients of young children often tell me that their kids say things to them like "I hate you" or "You're the worst mom in the world," or even the milder but still related: "I'm not going to do that!" It's these "strong statements" that often leave parents feeling guilty or worried or challenged by seeming defiance.

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