Grief and loss resources on this blog

There are several articles, and one video, on this blog created specifically to help parents whose children are (or may soon be) dealing with grief and loss.  They are collected below for easy reading. Children and Funerals Helping Children Grieve Book recs on grief/loss for kids Talking with children about tragedies in the news Video: Talking with young children about [...]

When should we tell the kids that we are getting a divorce?

Once parents are certain that they are separating or getting a divorce, they begin to think through when/what/how they should tell their children.  Regarding WHEN to tell children about a divorce or separation, here are some tips. A few concrete suggestions: Avoid major holidays and birthdays, etc. Consider the child's school or extracurricular schedule (major tests or events, etc.) Don't [...]

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Video: How to talk with young children about death

As part of my work with, we produced a video for parents on how to talk to your kids about death.  I also share a few basic tips for understanding and responding to the various ways that children can express grief.  Please take a look if you think this topic might be helpful to you or a loved one.  [...]

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Talking with kids about Money

I've recently been invited to contribute tips on talking with your kids about money(particularly around the holidays during this down economy) at a workshop called "How to spend, save and invest in a tight economy". The workshop is hosted by Megan Poore, a financial advisor in central Austin.  The workshop primarily focuses on adult issues, but one of her passions [...]

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