Feel, Felt, Found

A mom recently shared with me a handy mnemonic that reminds you what to do when your child is having a strong emotional reaction. The process comes from the same philosophies that I follow and teach, but improves upon them by being simple and easy to remember! We know the most important thing to do when our child is upset [...]

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Shyness, Seeking a Professional, & Back to School

  Note:  I'm on leave for the summer.  While I'm out, I'll be reposting some of my more popular posts.  See you again in the Fall.  Short post about going Back to School.  3 little tips... When Should a Parent Seek Professional Help?  Sometimes, therapy is most helpful before problems get entrenched.  Shyness and Your Child.  A three-part series, actually!  [...]

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On his travel blog, Rick Steves once explained the 'secret' of the Oracles at Delphi, saying this: Two thousand five hundred years ago, movers and shakers from throughout the ancient world went to Delphi to get advice from the Delphi priests. The priests weren't in cahoots with the gods. They just interviewed everyone who came to them, thinking that they [...]

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