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Keeping Kids Safe

The Austin newspaper had a frightening story last weekend about a local child abduction. It is the sort of story that makes parents worry a little more and hold our kids a little closer. But, it also brings up good questions about what we parents can do to keep our children safe from harm. We know how to keep them away from the knives and the bleach, but what about dangerous people?

Back to School

I am reminded that even when kids & families are still within their 'green zone,' back-to-school is still a stressor. Everywhere I look, I see more tears, more tantrums, more exasperated parents, more frustrated voices than usual.

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Q: Should my child be allowed to have a TV/computer in their room?

Question:  Should my child be allowed to have a TV/computer in their room?Answer:I advise against it.  Three thoughts regarding why:  It limits or reduces personal communication and interaction with family members.  Sometimes quality time is plain-ole quantity time!P*rnography on the internet.  Yes, you've got parental controls installed.  Yes, you don't think your child knows about it/is interested in it yet.  [...]

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Book Review: Mama and Daddy Bear’s Divorce

When parents of young children divorce, explaining the concept of divorce is often a great challenge.  Books can help with this, in part because they give parents a script to follow, concepts to go along with the words, and pictures that give kids a concrete visual image to go along with the words. Mama and Daddy Bear's Divorce, by Cornelia [...]