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Talking with Children about Race Webinar

Talking about race is important and hard.

It can bring up intense and difficult feelings.

Many of us have neither experience nor role models on how to talk about race, racial discrimination, or privilege.  But!  We want our children to grow up in a world where race is understood and handled far better than it is now, so we recognize that a better future requires us to lean in to that discomfort.

Join Katie Malinski, LCSW and Jeffrey Swan, LPC for a conversation about talking with kids about race.  We will share what current research can teach us about talking about race, the concept of “color blindness,” and inherent bias.  We will offer examples of conversations about race, discrimination, and privilege that parents can have with their children at various ages.  We are both therapists and parents, and we’ll speak from the heart about our experiences talking about race with our own kids.

This 1 hour webinar is for parents of any aged child.

You have three attendance choices:

  1. Log on for the live presentation (includes Q & A opportunity) on April 27, 2018 at 12:00.
  2. Watch the replay anytime you want.  The link is good for an entire year!
  3. Or, you can do both!

$25 per household.  (Watch it with your parenting partner!)

Or, if you register before 4/20, the price is just $19!!!

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Do you want more details?  I’ve got details for you.  :^)

Okay, Katie is white.  Jeffrey is African-American.  One of us has had to talk & think about race their whole life.  The other one had the privilege of hardly ever having to do that.  In the webinar, we take turns sharing from where we truly are on this path–including both the moments when we know how to handle things really well… and those moments when we are grasping for mediocrity.

Are you wondering about why or how a white lady is going to talk about race?  (you’re probably not alone.)  But here’s the thing–it’s the responsibility of white folks everywhere to lean in on this issue.  Katie, a therapist who specializes in parenting, had to do a lot of homework before she felt even remotely like she knew enough to share useful ideas on this topic.  There is a lot of solid, peer-reviewed research about how children see race (spoiler–they do) and bias (spoiler–we’ve all got it.) But that homework?  It helped. White people especially all need to do some homework, put their brave boots on, and wade in to this stuff.  Katie doesn’t think she knows much more than a small fraction of what she needs to know about this topic, and it’s still scary to her to talk about–but she’s leaning in anyway. We can help you do it, too.

Jeffrey also specializes in parenting and is a Nurtured Heart Approach trainer.  He wrote his Master’s thesis on an issue related to children and race. Jeffrey has 2 characteristics that make him even more invaluable to the task of helping parents learn how to talk to their kids about race–he is a talented, veteran presenter and facilitator, and he has a lifetime of living (and parenting) as a person of color.  Talking about race isn’t something that can be done as well with just one voice–this webinar brings you two strong, helpful, compassionate voices of support.

Oh, and we know how important concrete help is too, so we’ll definitely recommend books, and give examples about how to answer questions and handle talkable moments.

You can submit your questions ahead of time–we’ll answer as many as possible and we won’t say your name when we answer them.  (Therapists love confidentiality!)

Are you still on the fence?  Lean in!  This is a fantastic opportunity–join us!

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Maybe you have questions about the webinar?

It’s an hour long.  You need an internet connection to log in, or download it later. It’s very, very easy to join in the webinar, just a few clicks.  You have total privacy–no one but the presenters will be on video.

If the time isn’t convenient for you, no worries–register and you can access the entire thing anytime later that you’d like.  You can watch from home, on your laptop, or from a coffeeshop with your favorite beverage and baked good.  :^)

If you get started and something interrupts you, that’s not a problem either–you can stop and start back up later, or even start over and watch the whole thing from the beginning.

You can learn with your feet up, wearing your stretchy pants!

When?  April 27, 2018.  12:00pm Central time for the live broadcast.  (1:00pm Eastern, 11:00am Mountain, 10:00am Pacific)

All registrants will receive an email after the live broadcast with access to the audio & video recording of the webinar.  Watch it as many times as you can possibly use for an entire year!  You can’t get more convenient than that!

You MUST be registered ahead of time to attend.  Don’t delay!  (and for just $19, why would you wait?)

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