The Beyond Birds and Bees workshop is coming up in about 4 weeks.  It’s been a while since I’ve given it, and I was thinking about it today–looking forward to it, really.  BBB comes in a 3 hour format (the full workshop) as well as a 45 minute ‘sampler’ that I give at schools all over Austin.  The sampler is very popular, and I was just sitting here comparing the two.

Three hours on this topic (healthy sexual development, signs of a problem, and how to talk about sex with your kids) might seem like a lot–especially when there is a 45 minute version available… after all, what parent has extra time to spare!  (not me!)  So why ‘should’ you take a 3 hour workshop on it?  There are many reasons, but here are my two favorite:

1.  You can ask questions, get specialized feedback, and really walk away with information that is specifically tailored to your family’s needs.

2.  You get to practice!  The sampler is great, but all you get to do in the sampler is listen to ME talk about talking about sex like it’s no big deal.  In your head you might be thinking that it doesn’t seem so hard now, but there is a big difference between thinking and speaking, and especially between being on the hotseat to answer a question you didn’t see coming!

With the full BBB workshop, you’ll practice, and it makes a world of difference.  Check it out!